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Teacher Office Hours

Formal Parent/Teacher Interviews will occur in November and April in the 2023-2024 school year.  Watch for information about how to register for an interview time.

Teacher Office Hour times will be available throughout the year.  The intention of Office Hours is that parents would be able to connect regularly, with their student's teachers,  to discuss their progress and track with them through their school experience.

Parents need to contact teachers to book a time to meet with them during the posted Office Hours. Teachers can be contacted through their email; email addresses are available through the grey "Teacher Contact" button on the front page of the website. Alternatively, parents can call the School Office to book office hours at 403-327-3402.

Please be sure to use Powerschool for up to date academic information!

October Teacher Office Hours

Ms. Ankermann - October 25th  3:30-4:30pm 
Ms. Baraniecki - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm 
Mr. Caputo - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm
Mr. Day Chief - October 24th  4:30-5:30pm
Mme de Boer - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm 
Mrs. Domes - October 24th  3:15-4:15pm
Ms. Edmonds - October 24th  3:30-4:30pm 
Mr. Gallagher - October 30th  3:15-4:15pm
Mr. Hartman - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm
Mrs. Hay - October 24th  3:15-4:15pm 
Ms. Hinger - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm
Mr. Kast - October 16th  4:00-5:00pm
Mrs. Keating - October 26th  3:15-4:15pm
Mr. Laforge - October 25th  3:30-4:30pm
Mr. Leclaire - October 10th  3:10-4:10pm
Ms. Munro - October 24th  3:00-4:30pm
Mr. Racz - October 16th  3:30-4:30pm
Mrs. Ripplinger - October 25th  3:15-4:15pm 
Mr. Roberts - October 12th  3:30-4:30pm
Mrs. Rypien - October 25th  3:30-4:30pm
Mrs. Schori - 
Ms. Skauge - October 30th  3:15-4:15pm
Mrs. Vander Wekken - October 24th  3:15-4:15pm
Mr. Van Oene - October 18th  5:30-6:30pm
Ms. Williston - October 10th  3:00-4:00pm

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