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November Canteen Special  Taco in a bag imageThis month our canteen is having a Taco in a Bag lunch on Thursday, November 26, 2020.  As this lunch is a pre-order only, pre-purchased canteen cards cannot be used for this special.  If your student would like to have this delicious item for lunch, you must go into School Cash Online and select (and pay for) "Taco in a Bag - November 26, 2020".  The cost is $5.25 and the lunch must be ordered before midnight Sunday, November 22, 2020. Late orders will not be accepted as the canteen ladies must know in advance how much food to make and have packaged individually for each pre-order.  

Each Taco in a Bag will have ground beef, cheese, lettuce and nacho chips.  Students can have sour cream and/or salsa added to their bag at the canteen window.

This special must be pre-ordered on School Cash Online and late orders will not be accepted. Deadline to order is midnight November 22.

Upcoming Daily Specials

Monday, Nov 30:  Cheesy Garlic Fingers - $4.00
Tuesday,  Nov 17:  Mini Pizza - $4.00
Wednesday, Nov 18:  Baked Spaghetti - $4.00
Thursday, Nov 19:  Chicken Caesar Salad - $4.50
Monday, Nov 23:  Cheesy Garlic Fingers - $4.00
Tuesday,  Nov 24:  Mini Pizza - $4.00
Wednesday, Nov 25:  Chicken Nuggets - $4.50
Thursday, Nov 26:  Taco in a Bag - $5.25 (must be pre-ordered through School Cash Online by November 22)
 Monday, Nov 30:  Cheesy Garlic Fingers - $4.00

St. Francis is excited for our new canteen! The new canteen will offer regular menu items and, starting in October, there will be great daily specials. The daily specials for each upcoming month will be posted in the weekly update and on the St. Francis website under this School/Canteen tab. Students will sign up with their homeroom teacher each morning if they wish to access the canteen at lunchtime.
Cash and debit tap are accepted but the easiest payment method is to buy prepaid canteen clipcards through School Cash Online. Your student can then purchase items at the canteen by just telling the canteen ladies their name and that they have a clipcard.  The ladies will keep track of your student’s spending and will let them know when funds are getting low!
Canteen clipcards
can be purchased in increments of $20.00 so if you wish to prepay, for example, $60 of lunch money for your student, you can buy three lunch cards.  Please be aware that funds are not available to be used until the day following your purchase; if cards are purchased on Monday, the student can begin using the card on Tuesday.

Canteen Menu

Hamburger $4.00
Cheeseburger  $4.50
Chicken burger  $4.50 
Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Salad  $6.00
Chicken Wrap (Ranch/Caesar/Buffalo)  $4.00
Pizza sub  $4.00  
Hot dog  $2.00
Corn Dog  $2.50
Nachos and Cheese  $3.50 

Water $1.00
Large Chocolate Milk  $2.50
Fruit Juice Box  $1.00
Sparkling Ice Water  $2.50
Gatorade  $2.50
Brisk  $1.50
Berry Parfait with Granola  $3.50
Trail Mix $2.50

Muffin $2.00
Chips  $1.00

Cookie  $0.50
Ice Cream Sandwich  $1.50

Specials such as taco in a bag, mini pizza, cheese garlic fingers, chicken nuggets, french toast and others will be announced in the coming weeks.

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